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Children CV Vax – Kostoff Quotes – Virology

Per capita COVID-19 deaths are negligible in children. Clinical trials did not address long-term effects most relevant to children. Bulk of COVID-19 per capita deaths occur in elderly with high comorbidities. Clinical trials for these inoculations were very short-term. High post-inoculation deaths reported in VAERS (very short-term).

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Children CV Vax – Kostoff Brief

A number of researchers have suggested the possibility of severe longer-term autoimmune, Antibody-Dependent Enhancement, neurological, and other potentially serious effects, with lag periods ranging from months to years

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I chose initially to follow CDC guidelines and I received my first vaccine in Feb 2021. I did not tolerate it well. I had horrible headaches, felt awful fatigue and body aches for 2 weeks. A few months later, I tested positive for antibodies, both natural and vaccine induced. I was immune!

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If I’m candid

IF I WAS NOT VACCINATED IN THE NEXT COUPLE OF WEEKS I WAS GOING TO LOSE MY JOB. I’m forever scarred. Now vaccinated I feel violated and weak. I feel like a lab rat waiting on certain outcomes. I’m not a conspiracy theorist. I’m a realist.

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