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Our Mission: North Carolina Physicians for Freedom is a non-profit network of physicians, healthcare leaders and medical providers that exists to support medical freedom and patient choice. We stand for patient rights, the doctor-patient relationship, individualized patient care, informed consent, and medical privacy. We are committed to serving our patients with integrity and compassion and will advocate for the best care available.

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A Medical Experiment on Children

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Our Priorities

North Carolina Physicians for Medical Freedom prioritizes the following

Right to Treat


Informed Consent


Respecting Opinions


Patient Rights and Medical Privacy


What This Looks Like

Right to Treat

Physicians are being prevented from providing treatment to their patients by employers, public health agencies, pharmacies, and threats from medical boards leaving us unable in some situations to protect and serve patients facing disease. Many patients are being advised to go home until their disease worsens to the point of hospitalizations. We believe that prevention and early treatment measures are always the best courses of action. We defend the right to prescribe treatment and that physicians should not be restricted from prescribing safe and effective treatments that prevent unnecessary sickness and death. It is both usual and legal for medical providers to prescribe FDA approved medications for off-label prescription.

Informed Consent

As physicians it is our utmost responsibility to uphold and restore the value of informed consent and the doctor-patient relationship. Employers, government officials and more are coercing American citizens into medical interventions against their will in order to maintain employment, enrollment and more. Science has long taught us that every intervention poses risks and benefits and that the doctor-patient relationship should be preserved and each patient treated as an individual with unique predispositions. Each patient after being fully informed of the risks and benefits of any medical intervention should be able to choose or deny such intervention.

Respecting Opinions

As physicians, our 1st Amendment rights and professional individualized opinions are being censored and suppressed as we are prohibited to openly engage in professional discourse and the exchange of ideas that endangers our profession and patients rights. Discovering truth in medicine depends on a healthy discussion and dissenting opinions. If we lose the ability to have differing opinions then we lose the ability to determine the best possible solutions as well as the integrity, art and science of medicine.

Patient Rights and Medical Privacy

A growing number of bureaucrats and government officials are stepping into the area of personalized medical care. We believe that no employer or entity should demand to know one’s personal health information including but not limited to vaccine status, medical history, and medical exemptions. HIPAA rights should be maintained regardless of the current medical environment.

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