About North Carolina Physicians For Freedom

NC Physicians For Freedom began as a small grass roots group of physicians standing for medical freedom in our State.  Over just a few weeks, the group grew into a network of physicians, advanced practice providers, dentists, chiropractors, and scientists ready to stand for change.  We are committed to becoming a trusted resource to leaders, decision makers, and citizens to help share a message of hope and truth throughout the state of North Carolina and beyond. We advocate for our patients and communities regardless of medical decisions and stand on our core values of right to treat, informed consent, respecting professional opinions and patient rights and privacy.

While we are NOT a practice or a team of physicians working side by side on a daily basis, we are working behind the scenes to drive changes to our healthcare system.

You can find a very limited directory of our providers here.  Most of the providers in our network must remain confidential due to employer restrictions.

Leadership Team

Policy Director

Dianna Lightfoot

Network Director

Emily Saunders

Medical Directors

Dave Kay MD
Wiggy Saunders MD

Board of Directors

Joseph Guarino MD
Wiggy Saunders MD
Megan Pasookhush Pharm. D
Staci Kay NP
Our network also includes an Advisory Board composed of trusted medical professionals from a variety of specialties.

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