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Sophelina Health is a Mobile IV Infusion Therapy and Telemedicine company with real world expertise in acute care. Our mission is to optimize your health and keep you out of the hospital. Prevention is the #1 way to do that. We provide Mobile IV Hydration and Mobile IV Nutritional Therapies in addition to Telemedicine. Our Registered Nurses will meet you right where life happens, in your home, office, or at an event. We come to you because we understand that convenience is important to you. Traditional medicine treats the symptoms instead of the person. What would happen if the symptoms never presented themselves in the first place?

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Acute Covid-19 Treatment Protocol

January 11, 2022

(Based on guidelines from FLCCC)

All patients:

  • Nasopharyngeal rinses, mouthwash gargles, nebulized peroxide/iodine, colloidal silver
  • Vitamin D3 10,000IU daily
  • Zinc 100mg/day x 7 days, then just MVI daily
  • Liposomal Vitamin C 2000mg daily to start, but encourage patients to push the dose higher until bowel tolerance is reached (ie. slightly loose stools).  Avoid use in renal patients/dialysis patients
  • Melatonin 3mg – 10mg nightly
  • Quercetin 500mg daily, stagger administration opposite of Ivermectin
  • ASA 325mg daily unless CI.  Continue 1-2 months post-recovery.
    • Alternative: Nattokinase 100mg daily
  • Cleanup therapy with antioxidants (start anytime, continue indefinitely)
    • N-acetylcysteine 600mg BID-TID
    • Glutathione 250mg BID-TID
    • NAD + 100mg daily

Early Treatment 1-5 days

  1. Ivermectin (0.4-0.6mg/kg) x 7 days (unless CI d/t drug interactions)
    • Alternatives: HCQ 200mg BID x 10 days or Nitazoxanide 500mg BID x 5 days
  2. Antibiosis (Doxycycline 100mg BID x 10 days) or Zpack
  3. Steroids (pts < 200lbs, standard Medrol dose pack) (pts >200lbs, Prednisone 0.5mg/kg x 5 days)
  4. Inhaled Albuterol and Budesonide (nebulized versions preferred but inhalers can work too).  Some insurance companies will not cover Budesonide but will cover Flovent 220mcg 1-2 puffs BID
  5. Fluids, fluids, fluids (unless CI)

Late-presenting Treatment (5+ days) or worrisome clinical course 2/2 breathing and fatigue

  1.  Ivermectin (dosed higher @ 0.6mg/kg) + Abx, as above
  2. Steroids (pts < 200lbs, Prednisone 0.5mg/kg x 5 days, then 0.25mg/kg x 5 days, then 0.125mg/kg x 5 days) (pts > 200lbs, Prednisone 1mg/kg x 5 days, then 0.5mg/kg x 5 days, then 0.25mg/kg x 5 days)
  3.  Inhaled Albuterol Q4h consistently for at least 24h then decrease frequency and Budesonide 1mg/ml TID x 1 box
  4. High-dose Vitamin C (IV preferred, 20-30Gm) but may use liposomal if IV unavailable
  5. Consider Calcitriol (active Vitamin D) 0.5mcg on day 1, then 0.25mcg on days 2-7
  6. Reassess frequently as these patients are at risk of cytokine-storming and need aggressive interventions to avoid hospitalization and deterioration

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