Letter from Dentists on the Hippocratic Oath – Condensed

The truth about the COVID pandemic, the lies we have been fed and the abuses we have witnessed are slowly being revealed. We hope our profession will recognize this before we destroy the trust our patients have in us...

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We are a group of dentists that were independently uncovering the falsehoods of the narrative being forced upon us. The agencies in which we previously had faith in to provide us with accurate guidance for proper patient care have failed to deliver.  We collaboratively authored this letter in an effort to preserve the autonomy of our profession; to stand for the health and safety of our patients, staff and families; and ultimately to encourage being on the right side of this historical experience. 

To accomplish our goal, we have researched and written this in-depth position paperthat reflects our concerns.  We recognize that by writing this letter and exposing the truths of the lies we have lived, we are going against the one-sided position our leaders have had; and we stand possibly to be demeaned or ridiculed.  Those in power positions may exercise retaliative measures, but we stand firm in our commitment to respectful scientific discourse free from censorship. Our hope is that our letter will serve to open the eyes of those who wish to exercise critical thought; to be a resource for those who do not have the time to compile this level of research; and to record in writing our commitment to truth and freedom for our profession, our nation and most of all for future generations.

As dentists, we have spent countless hours training in the proper use of personal protective equipment (PPE) and maintain the most up to date efforts for effective sanitation and sterilization.  We wear masks to guard against the splash of blood and salivary droplets while performing dental procedures.  We have known that the surgical masks we use do NOT stop an aerosolized virus.  We also know that the improper usage of a surgical mask or any PPE can lead to an enhanced spread of disease and contamination.  We find it abhorrent that, given the extensive scientific research in this area, the American Dental Association (ADA) did not step up and discourage the misuse of critical PPE which undoubtedly led people to have a false sense of security and likely contributed to the spread of disease.

Dentistry has always maintained a focus on prevention and early treatment.  Our profession is committed to timely and consistent discussions with our patients about how they can optimize their oral health.  Never in the history of dentistry or medicine have we waited until a dental or medical condition has declined to the point of a hopeless outcome that we then provide treatment. 

In the earliest stages of the pandemic, there were many doctors advocating for safe and long understood therapies for preventive treatment and early treatment.  There are countless studies that demonstrate optimized serum Vitamin D levels can decrease the severity of viral illness.  In addition, we knew much about the benefits of vitamin C, zinc and quercetin. Yet these options were neither discussed by our public health officials nor recommended for preventive care. 

In addition, there are certain generic prescription drugs that can be obtained inexpensively and that have impressive safety profiles.  They are on the World Health Organization list of essential medicines; and are known to stop viral replication. Any discussion of their effective use was suppressed and censored– a practice that should NEVER occur in a scientific community.  Doctors compassionate enough to want to save lives– and brave enough to handle the medical backlash– successfully treated their patients by preventing hospitalizations and deaths.  Because dentists cannot provide effective treatment for this type of condition, our profession should have been bold enough to listen to these doctors and advocate for preventive measures beyond PPE.  Dentists could have collectively stood in support of the doctors offering early treatment. This likely would have changed the course of the pandemic.

The ethical treatment of our patients has always had the primary focus of informed consent.  It is our job as dentists to maintain the most current scientific knowledge of the services we provide.  We have a responsibility to educate our patients on the risks and benefits of treatment and alternative treatment options. 

Dentistry has always prioritized safety and efficacy with long-term studies prior to broad application of a new clinical procedure.  It is difficult to comprehend how the long-held respect for this model was turned on its head to usher in a novel therapy.  A therapeutic that has never been used in humans, with no animal research, and completely devoid of long-term safety studies, should never be brought to the public without proper informed consent.  Instead, we are witnessing the bribing, coercion and forcing of a new treatment option being described as a vaccine.  Any discussions of adverse events have been silenced and censored. This does nothing to enhance public trust, and only encourages vaccine hesitancy. 

As the mass roll-out unfolds, the truth about the efficacy of this novel therapy led the CDC to change the definition of a vaccine so that immunity no longer needs to be attained.  As a profession, we could have been discussing the truth about the emerging science instead of sitting back and watching as the unvaccinated were shamed because of the failure of a product to protect the recipient of said product. 

As a profession, we could have discussed the truth about prevention and early treatment of COVID.  As a profession, we could have talked with patients about the ability of the novel therapy to mitigate symptoms but not to stop the contraction or the spread of the virus.  As a profession, we could have been a voice for patients who expressed concern that they suffered a vaccine adverse event.  Instead, our profession sat back quietly as the pharmaceutical industry produced questionable trial data; as our public health agencies failed to adequately protect our citizens; and as our government trampled on our Constitution and our inalienable rights.

Our ability to properly care for our patients was unnecessarily stalled beyond a reasonable timeframe that led to increased fear in patients, undiagnosed oral disease and a worsening of dental conditions.  The Founding Fathers of our country were well aware of the abuse of power that can be produced by government bodies who are left unchecked. 

As healthcare providers, business owners, and licensed professionals, we are obligated to the patients whom we serve, our families for whom we provide, and those who lead our profession and licensing boards (as agents of the government).  The first two obligations are closely related and are mutually reinforcing.  The last obligation– to our profession and licensing boards– must not contravene the obligations we have to our patients and to our families; nor must it diminish or remove our individual autonomy.  If the obligation to our profession and licensing board does any of those, it must be thrown off as a matter of duty and virtue. 

With lockdowns, restrictions, and the forced closure of our businesses, our patients suffered from lack of care. Our families suffered from lack of income and stability. And finally, our profession suffered (and is suffering) from lack of credibility because our leaders have not stepped up to refute the junk science and abuses of power that have negatively affected us– the people they claim to represent.  We are now stepping up, as a group of healthcare providers, to resist and “throw off such Government” as Thomas Jefferson penned in the Declaration of Independence.

We are not calling for a revolution to overthrow our government; but we are requesting accountability for the abuse of power we have witnessed.  History will judge this to be medicine/dentistry’s darkest hour.  There is ample evidence for the ADA to provide its constituents well-rounded, uncensored research and change the trajectory of our profession.  Will we be known for the prevention of true scientific discovery, and as an accomplice to the medical establishment’s worst atrocities in our lifetime?  Or will the ADA consider the ever-growing number of dentists that understand the medical freedom movement and change course to preserve the integrity of the institution amongst dental professionals and the society we serve?

The truth often is ultimately revealed. The truth about the COVID pandemic, the lies we have been fed and the abuses we have witnessed are slowly being revealed.  The science and research of those of us brave enough to look beyond the narrative is aging well. We hope our profession will recognize this before we destroy the trust our patients have in us, before we have more unnecessary deaths and before we harm one more child with an ineffective mask and a shot they do not need.

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